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Fire prevention

Signature capsule BBQ

Using the BBQ


The Barbecue: Watch your summer cooker!

Roll on summer and the kitchen on the barbecue! But beware of the risk of fire! Make sure to regularly clean the grills and burners as well as check the supply ducts. Also, always be vigilant and never leave the food you cook unattended. Do not forget, the bottle must always be stored securely.

Good grill!!

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MESSINES, March 8, 2016 - It is with environmental concern that the Municipality of Messines now offers a financial assistance program to encourage families to use washable layer, in order to replace traditional disposable diapers. This program will allow the reimbursement of certain amounts for the purchase of cloth diapers kit. The goal is to encourage parents to abandon disposable diapers in favor of cloth diapers. By joining the program, families contribute to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill.


For terms and condition of the program, click on the link "reusable diapers Program". It is also available in paper form at the municipal office at 70, rue Principale, Messines (Quebec).


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