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The app Voilà! allows you to report non-urgent issues in your municipality.
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Fire prevention

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Great summer and cooking on the barbecue, but beware of the risk of fire! Use your BBQ outdoors in a ventilated area. Be sure to regularly clean the grills and burners as well as check the supply ducts. Never leave food unattended. And do not forget that the bottles must always be stored safely. Have a good barbecue season.

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Programmation Maison de la culture
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Report non-urgent issues in your city with the app voila logo

Voilà! is an app to report street lighting, potholes, graffitis to your city and repair them

The app Voilà! allows you to report non-urgent issues in your city. Citizens can now actively participate in problem resolution in their neighborhood.

The power of Voilà! is in the users! The more users report the same issue, the earlier the local government will be made aware of the issue to prioritize the work order and fix it.


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Sharing the road also means giving way to users of motorized mobility aids
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bouge outaouais
Website featuring a list of activities organized in the region.
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"A matter of Prevention" is a web site dedicated to preventing property crime. Its objective is to make citizens less vulnerable to certain crimes by giving them awareness-raising tools.
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